Karrie Benedict
Dance Fusion & Lower Level Ballet

Karrie Benedict has 30 years of dance experience as a performer,
choreographer and teacher. Karrie began her early training in Ballet in
Kalamazoo, Michigan studying the syllabus of The Royal Academy of Dance
with teacher Therese Bullard, an advanced member of the Academy. She
was a founding member of The Kalamazoo Ballet under the direction of Ms.
Bullard. Karrie graduated in 1982 with a BFA in Dance from York University,
Toronto, Ontario. In the mid 1980s, Karrie studied Hawkins Technique with
Kalamazoo’s Wellspring Dance Collaborative, where she performed in
several of their Dance Forums. In the early 1990’s, Ms. Benedict moved to
Urbana, Illinois where she studied and performed Limon Technique under
the direction of Limon Company dancer Chester Wolenski of The White
Street Arts Centre. In 1999 Karrie accepted the position of Elementary and
Middle School Dance teacher at Concord Academy in Petoskey, Michigan.
While at Concord she choreographed numerous pieces for both Dance and
Theater and founded Concord’s Middle School Dance Company. Since
leaving Concord in 2006 Ms.Benedict has been teaching classes at The
Crooked Tree Arts Center & Harbor Springs Community Schools. In addition
to teaching she has choreographed pieces for area High Schools and The
Little Traverse Civic Theater.